Het ontstaan

Grutte Pier Brewery came into being in 2014, at the craft beer pub De Markies in Leeuwarden. Here were we, Frans Filius and Renze Bil, introduced to the innovative flavours of craft beer. With a StiBON certificate in his pocket, an outstanding feel for smell, colour and taste and a big dose of guts and entrepreneurship Frans starts experimenting with the classic Belgian beer styles which he loves so much. Renze is distributing the first brews (back then in relative small batches) from his own barn to the local pubs in Leeuwarden and surroundings. The brand Grutte Pier Brewery is born: a craft beer that got its name thanks to the heroic Frisian folk hero and freedom fighter Pier Gerlofs Donia.

In the meantime the brewery has grown into one of the biggest craft beer brands of Friesland and we are well known by liquor stores, supermarkets, wholesale businesses, fairs and festivals in the north of the Netherlands and beyond. Want to taste? Go to a point of sale close to you or visit our webshop. Come to our tap room in Bartlehiem. Or go to craft beer pub De Markies, because the place where it all started is still the pub where Grutte Pier is served as the house beer.

De held Grutte Pier

Grutte Pier Brewery owes its name to the heroic stories of Pier Gerlofs Donia, a freedom fighter and folk hero who defended Frisia against the Saxons and Dutchmen around 1517 AD. After the attack on his farm, which the Saxons burned and by that killing his wife, he transformed from a peaceful farmer into a legendary warrior. Thanks to his gigantic stature and superhuman powers he was called Grutte Pier (Great Pier). A name that stands for strength, freedom, independence, reliability and pride. Just like our beer. These two sides of Grutte Pier, the peaceful farmer and pugnacious warrior, are recognizable in our label.

If you happen to come across Grutte Pier and you want to prevent him from killing you, than you can prove you're a Frisian by pronouncing the following sentence correctly: Bûter, brea en griene tsiis, wa't dat net sizze kin, is gjin oprjochte Fries.

Brouwboerderij Bartlehiem

A place in nature. Surrounded by meadows, trees, flowers, water, sun, people, animals and millions of micro-organisms. And of course the world famous bridge of Bartlehiem. Brewfarm Bartlehiem is a place where use local ingredients to brew unique beers.

The addition of the Brewfarm to our brand Grutte Pier has arisen with an eye to the fact that Grutte Pier was a farmer before he became a freedom fighter and our desire to start brewing with local grains, fruits and herbs from our own garden. It stands next to our function as a rental brewery. As a rentel brewer we brew our beers which are available all year round (and which are brewed in big batches) under high-quality conditions in someone else's kettles. The Brewfarm is all about experimenting: here we develop new beers which we brew in small batches, organize tastings and brew wild beers like the Bretttûne.