The name Bretttûne stands for our beer line which has undergone a wild fermentation with a Brettanomyces yeast in a French oak cask. This special type of beer is brewed almost nowhere. The natural proces in the wooden barrel, where the beers sometimes lay for almost two years to ripen with local ingredients, leads to a bier with an unique taste which cannot be reduplicated. In other words, 225 liters of one-off beer!

That's why we call this beer a Bretttûne, a combination of the words Brett and Tûne (Frisian for barrel). The three T's stand for the trinity: Beer, Barrel and Brett. The Bretttûne distinguishes himself through a complex fruity character, little bit of sourness and subtle vanilla because of the oakwood. Besides that this is a beer you can easily store in a dark and cool place to let it ripen even further.

De tocht door Brouwboerderij Bartlehiem

Before you can pour this delightful sour beer in your glass, it underwent a journey of two years through our Brew Farm in Bartlehiem. The beer is being brewed in our own kettles, after which it goes in the oak barrels standing in our tap room. Sometimes we add during the ripening process extra local ingredients, like fruits or herbs from our own garden. The brewer's spent grain that remains after brewing is collected by our neighbour, who feeds it to his cows.

When the beer is ripening and the wild yeast is doing its work, our brewer is making his round along the barrels to look, to smell and of course to taste the beer. When the beer tastes good, its being manually bottled and then there is a limited amount of bottles of unique Bretttûne beer for sale!